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Gmail Sign in

Gmail is an email service which is developed by Google. Users can use this service through there mobile apps for android and iOS. This service started as a limited beta release on! April 2004 and ended its testing phase on 9 July 2009. When this service started its initial storage capacity offer was 1 gigabyte per user but now its capacity offer is 15 gigabyte of free storage and users can get more than 50 megabytes in size with various attachments and can easily send emails more than 20 megabytes. For larger files, users can attach the files from the google drive into messages.

By this service we can easily stay in touch with our family and friends, we can also receive different emails like electronic bills, newsletters, request for job interviews and so on. In other words, users can easily deliver anything electronically via Email.
gmail sign in

How to login to

⦁ First of all, user have to open GOOGLE ACCOUNT CREATION PAGE.
⦁ Enter your first and last name.
⦁ Write your valid username or email address but be aware that the username you choose will be the name that others can see easily.
⦁ Mention your password two times for confirmation as it is accurate or not. Choose your password strong for your account protection.
⦁ Mention your Birth month, year and day in specified fields.
⦁ Mention your gender if you want to identify yourself by your gender.
⦁ Provide your valid mobile phone number.
⦁ Choose your country, if your country it is not accurate then you have to choose your country flag which is located in the left corner of this field.
⦁ Give your current email address in the given field.
⦁ Choose your current location from the drop-down menu.
⦁ Select next step button for creating your account.
⦁ Enter the code in the given box and click to continue button
Gmail provides you to confirm your given code via phone call or SMS.

Gmail Login Account

⦁ Open your Google sign-in page on your system.
⦁ Mention your phone number or Google Account and password.
⦁ If this information is already filled but you want to sign in another Google Account. Click another Sign up Gmail account.
⦁ Click to continue.

6 simple steps to sign in to Gmail on PC, Laptop

Gmail is a huge Platform among there competitor which is free and easy to use. And provide the services to their user to save there important file, Email, And messages given to every individual user, And has the ability to search for a specific message or any specific keyword.

Create Gmail Account on Android / iOS

You can create your Gmail account hassle-free within few minutes, by using any laptop, Pc, Phone or Tablet. So you can read and manage all your Emails, Files and messages easily from a single platform. If you use Gmail account Gmail provides its services which are called google drive, Its provide 15GB to store Files, Photos and mobile backup etc.

As you know, Gmail provides the services to interact with friends and family. Making group among them to share files, Photos, and messages. This makes easy to connect people, Not matter where they are from.

Login to Gmail use Gmail app

Making email with Gmail, its give access to many new features free of cost like Google Analytics (for monitoring website traffic), Google AdSense (to earn by google ads), YouTube and Google map etc.

Steps to Login To Your Account

1. Go to or
2. Click “Create Account” button placed on the top right of the Gmail page.
3. You will be sent to Gmail Sign Up page. Fill the form according to your personal data then click “Next Step” button. If you are not sure, you do not have to enter your phone number.
4. Then you need to set up your profile by uploading your photos, or you can skip this step by clicking “Next Step” button.
5. Now you’re done. Click “Continue to Gmail” to sign in to your new Gmail account.

Gmail Sign in Account

Gmail is one of the fastest growing and free email services provided by Google. Here are some simple steps to login Gmail. By creating the account you are given access to more features like Gmail, google map, YouTube, gmail+ etc.

How to login multiple Gmail accounts at the same time?

If you are new user do follow following steps to successfully login to your account.
1. Visit the, then click on “Sign in” button placed at the upper right corner of the Google Homepage
2. Type your email address and Click on the “Next” Button
3. Enter your Gmail password in the password field and click on “Sign in”. You will now be logged into your Gmail account.

How to enable 2-step verification

Basically, two step verification on Gmail is another way of security which put one more section of security to your Google Gmail account. In this section, you have to add your ATM card number as well as your personal identification number. In two-step verification of Google Gmail Account, you must have to mention a password and after that Google will send you a code on your Phone by SMS or call, or by an authentication application on your Mobile.

Guidelines of enabling 2-step verification for Gmail

But now Google account requires two more steps for access, two-step verification is not valuable. Applying two steps to authenticate that by who you effectively double your Google Gmail account security, but in this case, you are only able to Sign In if you remember your both passwords.They also recommended you to change your recent Google Gmail Account password if you have not change it already. Without anything just enable two-step verification on Gmail.

What you need to prepare to turn 2-step verification for Gmail

For the guidance of two-step verification you just need to follow the following instructions which are as given below:

  • First of all launch the web browser from the desktop of your PC.
  • Now you will see an address bar in which you have to write
  • After that just write your strong Password.
  • Now just click on the icon of “Sign In“.
  • Your next step is to click off under the two step-verification.
  • Next step is to turn “On” the two-step verification.
  • Now again write your strong Password.
  • After that again Click on “Sign In“.
  • Now just click on the menu of flag drop-down, After this select your residential country.
  • Give your valid “Phone Number“.
  • Now you will see two options just “Select” one either it is a Text message or a Phone call.
  • Just click on Try It section. After that, you will receive a text message or phone call on your phone number which gives you a code.
  • Now write your code in the given section which you received on your Phone.
  • Now click on the bar of “Next“.
  • Your last step is to click on the bar of “Turn On“.