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How to delete Account:

Why you delete Gmail Account?

If you want to log in with another Gmail Account or create a new Account and want to delete your previous account, for this we are guiding the best and the easiest way to delete your Gmail Account, you have to follow the following steps which are given below.

delete gmail account

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• For deleting your Gmail Account you must have to follow these steps:
• Your first step is to go to “Google Account Settings”.
• Now select delete icon on your account or services under the preferences of Account.
• Your very next step is that you have to choose to delete Google Account and your entire data to erase your entire Google account, including your, Google Documents, search history, AdSense and your other Google services.
• Now choose that Gmail account which you want to delete.
• After that enter the password of your Gmail Account and over enter your password.
• When you are done with it click to next.
• Next step is to click the icon of trashcan right next to Gmail.
• Now enter your new email address and be conscious that your new email address cannot be same as your previous account which you are deleting they tell you that how will you sign in to the Gmail dialog box but Gmail has already entered your secondary address which you had used before when you were creating your Gmail account. Your another alternative email address is now your new Google account with username. One more thing that you need your email address to complete the procedure of deleting Gmail Account.
• Very next step is to click on “Send Verification Email”.
• Now open your email from the Google such as “” with the subject of (Security alerts for your linked Google accounts) or Gmail Account Deletion Confirmation.
• After that follow the deletion link which is given in the message.
• If you are prompted to log in to the Gmail account which you are deleting.
• For deleting your Gmail Account choose “YES” under the confirmation of Gmail Deletion like “I want to delete permanently from my Google Account”.
• “Now tap the icon of deactivating Gmail Account but you cannot undo this step, and after that, you have to tap the icon, your Gmail account and messages are gone.”Now your final step is to click on “Done”.
“Once you follow these steps you can easily delete your Gmail Account”.

Updated: November 9, 2017 — 8:43 am

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