Gmail Apk | How to install GMail on Android & iOS

Gmail Apk for Android & iOS

Gmail is an email service with free advertising. It is developed by Google, this service can be used in all browsers, users can also use this service through there mobile applications. The supported software of this service’s application is iOS and Android, Its release date is April 1, 2004. By this Gmail service, we can stay in touch with our friends and family. Mostly this service is used to send or receive different emails with different attachments. Here we guide you that how can you download Gmail apk application on iOS and Android.

How to download Gmail apk on Android:

Its application size is approximately 10 MB and can be supported by 4.1 software. This article shows you or guides you the easiest way to download Gmail apk on Android, for this you have to follow the steps which are as given below:
1. First of all, you have to open “PlayStore” on your Android device.
2. Now you will see a search bar on your device at the top of your device’s screen.
3. Whenever you see that search bar, go and type “GMAIL” and select Gmail in the pop-up auto suggestion list.
4. After that, you will see an icon bar with a name of “INSTALL”. Tap on it to continue.
5. Then PlayStore gives you some Terms and Policy, after that, it will ask you for a permission and you just need to tap on “Accept” icon.
6. Wait till the application is downloading on your Android device.
7. Once your Gmail application is the download you can easily use it.
8. You must have to mention your Gmail Account and password, otherwise, you cant use this.
“This is the easiest way to download a Gmail apk (application) on your Android device”.

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How to download Gmail on iOS:

If any user wants to add Google Gmail Account on a there iOS device like iPhone or iPad system application, so the users have to do that thing which is given below:

1. First of all, go to settings on your iOS device.
2. Then open the mails, calendar or contacts.
3. In case if you don’t have a paid account so its the only way to download it.
4. Users have to launch the settings application on there Home Screen.
5. After that Tap on the icon named with “Accounts”.
6. Now tap on the “Add Account” icon.
7. Then tap on Google.
8. Now you have to log in and give information for your Google account and tap to next after each and every step.
9. Now tap on the “Switch” icon next to each Google service for sync. In case you have your existing calendar, contacts, local mail, and notes, you can also tap on “keep on My Phone” or also can delete every time when you enable a service.
10. Your last step is to tap “Save” icon which is mentioned exactly on the right top corner of your device’s screen.

Updated: November 9, 2017 — 8:44 am

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