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Gmail is a free email service provided by Google.It was developed on 1st April 2004. Gmail can be used on Android, IOS, and windows.On the February 2016 Gmail has crossed One billion active users. So there are many Gmail account tricks to use. Gmail was the first app to crossed the one billion installations on Google Play Store. There are also storage limits to individual Gmail messages. One message, including all attachments, cannot be larger than 25 megabytes. Gmail unique is the ability to store several gigabytes of e-mail data, which means most. The most important trick is we use many Google account in one window, iOS, and Android. We guide perfectly how to use many Google account in one window, IOS or Android.

Trick to use multiple Gmail account in one phone

Now we going to guiding you how to use one or more google account in your android phone. Its very easy and simple in adding to multiple accounts in your android so there is – they are way -to create a new or existing account in your android phone once is you can go to setting phone setting ok and go scroll down here you see (add account)

so click on this and we are going to create a Gmail account so click on a google so here you want to edit existing account or new account so we have already existing account so you can click on existing enter your email address and password

Click the next or follow the instructions on the screen so like this you can do one or more account to your android phone and other ways we will show you just go to your Gmail and so in the Gmail click on the study here , and here you can see the email of showing with one, my one, of my email address so extend this by clicking here you can see the option (re account)

So tap on this and we want to create account to get the Gmail and click ok , so now we have two more option like existing we known you can create new but you can go with existing so after you can create this here it will show you a two accounts and you can default any account of like you are using multiple to three or your Gmail accounts in the same device so you can manage easily so here you can, you have just checked the box which you want to keep the default or Gmail account in your android form so this a way to add a new account or existing account or multiple accounts on your android device . this trick is very helpful for you to use multiple accounts on one android phone.

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Trick to open multiple Gmail account simultaneously

We will guide you how to open multiple Gmail account simultaneously. So most of us have several Gmail accounts and if we stay on top of it what we do may be morning or other time during day we login into one account check it log out then log into another account so if you have several accounts and you are the type who check it every other and then this could be time consuming not to mention frustrating you known you can not go back forth easily because you knew you have just had to log in and log out and there’s simple solution to this one that doesn’t require you to log in every time right so we will guide you now so here’s some Gmail .

We going to log in for one of our Gmail accounts that we use for our blog so we going to sign in and there it signing in and now we don’t see any new emails here or not anything that we wanna reply to so what we going to do is look into another inbox so here we going to add the neck down and going to login other Gmail account that I have

, so this email we going to sign in this is an email we use for my main account it means has a lot of social networks, where you can see we have two Gmail account open simultaneously this is the 1st one and the say at the and the second, third, fourth is showing below

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