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How to get help from Gmail

Gmail communication is very important for our daily social media life because every user wants or needs to send and get various information through the emails on daily basis accept this there are also many problems for users which is the responsibility of Google Account to solve it. If you don’t know that how to get help from Gmail Account you can easily contact to Gmail help and services by there helpline number. The helpline of Gmail is 888-659-1666 and it does not support the phone users. This number helps you to solve the various critical issues of users, not only this, Gmail videos can also guide you through the various issues related to Gmail Account.

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Gmail Account Issues And Recovery

The most technical problems which occur in the Gmail Account are as follows:
• Problems of Gmail Account:
• Users sign up errors.
• Users’ login errors.
• Email attachment issues.
• Recovery of password issues.
• Sending or receiving Emails.
• Hacked and blocked Account hitches
• Many other technical issues.
How to get help from Gmail via Gmail costumer’s service
• For the guidance or help via contact, you will have to follow or fill the given form step by step because Google is aware of your issues.
• First of all, go to the Gmail help website.
• Then select the particular area of your Gmail issue.
• In case you if are getting an error while logging into your Gmail Account, for this follow the Logging in the given link under the Account.
• Now select your technical issue under Fix an issue.
• Select the given steps which are suggested for your Gmail problems, if the Gmail is helping you to suggests anyone of them.
• After this click the icon of contact us which is located on the page’s bottom.
• In case if you cant find no contact us link, then try some different troubleshooting steps which can also apply to your different Gmail problems otherwise see below for the other supporting options.
• Then Google page gives you some questions which you have to fill with your detailed information.
• For submitting click the icon which is mentioned as “SUBMIT”.
• If you want to post your Query about Gmail:
Here we guide you properly that how can you post your queries on the web.
• Your very first step is to visit Gmail Help Forum.
• Then click on the icon of “Post Question”.
• In case if you are not signed in to a Google account then you must have to log in with your own Gmail Account.
• In such cases users cant get registration for Google help so for this, You have to enter your full desired forum name under “username”, after this just examine the forum “Terms and Service”. When you have done by this just accept it and continue.
• If you are not a member of the Gmail Account forum then your next step is to pick up the name which you want to show up next to your various posts for Google Product Forums under “MY DISPLAY”.
• When you connect with the Forum just check the link to “My Google Profile” and kindly show me my profile picture on my post. After completing this click to join the group.
• Write you’re any whole query in the form of a summary under the question title.
• After this, you will see a larger text field in that field type your Gmail help request.
• Enter your any detail which can be helpful.
• Then in “Categories” option select the suitable categories for your issues.
• Your final step is to post this question.

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